Rumba @ The Tate Northern

Well the last 6 months have been something else. What an honour it was to be asked to work with Brazilian Artist Valeska Soares as a performance artist, lecture and choreographer.

So what have I be doing? Well dancing of course, with the lovely Keith Jones, but dancing in a large mirrored ballroom in a Gallery.

Tim Marlow Art Show

Lets start at the beginning 8 months ago I was approached by the organisers of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art to see if we would be part of an exciting project about Ballroom.

Well who wouldn’t be?

So for the last 7 months we been working worth the lovely Valeska Soares, a Brazilian Artist on her instillation “Swirl” for the Tate Northern.

  • We started with a lecture on Tango and Latin dance in the Adelphy Hotel
  • Then we were asked to dance on the “Tim Marlow Art Show” on Chanel 5.
  • I met Yoko Ono she was doing the exhibition next to ours.
  • Followed by 5 month s of dancing in the Ballroom albeit to the same tune on a loop (see below)
  • and a series of Rumba Workshops.

Dancing on Swirl

Okay so it was a mirrored ballroom, (good job i’m not one of those people who hate looking at themselves in a mirror) £ walls of mirrors and a mirrored ceiling. (So at any one time you could see many images of both yourself and your partner) oh yes and three large chandeliers that were at floor height not ceiling .

The music was the same turn Dusty Springfield’s “The Look of Love” and we were to dance the Rumba to it all day for 6 months (sorry Valeska we cheated we dance all-sort to that tune even the Gay Gordon at one point).

The public well the idea was that they interacted in the space and we kept dancing, boy did some of them interact, we had a primary school coming and do some work, couples cuddling on the floor, hundreds wanting to dance with us, some people just coming in and lay down (hard work not bumping or tread on them). I’m sure you can imagine the seen.

I have to say a big thank you to David, Nancy, Peter, William and others who gave there time so Keith and I could have days off.