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to Pro Dance Services on-line

Pro Dance Services is the new name for JLC Dance

STAY SAFE, STAY ALERT and BE KIND to each other.

Couple Dancing at its Best

on line Dance lessons designed for beginners

Why learn to dance on line?

You can access Pro Dance Services from anywhere in the world

You can fit your lessons round a busy schedule at times and days to suit you

No need for you to get a baby sitter

You can have 100% of your instructors attention ask questions and move at a pace you want.

You can save your pennies it cheaper than a face2face Private Lesson

What can you learn?

  • A Wedding Dance
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Latin American
  • Classical Sequence
  • Modern Sequence
  • Vintage Foxtrot,
  • Charleston
  • Swing
  • Latino Salsa
  • Argentine Tango

What do you need?

  • A floor space 8ftx8ft plus
  • No trip hazards
  • A floor you can move on
  • A floor not to slippery.
  • A computer or tablet
  • Internet

Our goal

To make you feel confident dancing

To make lessons achievable for you

To make your lessons fun

How much will it cost?

All our Zoom lessons are £20 per hour (single or couples same price)

Join us at Pro Dance Services for unparalleled online dance instruction you won’t find anywhere else.

Our instructor Janet has 30 years experience as a dance teacher and is a fellow of the UKA and the IDTA.
She look forward to hearing from you!

Email here to book

But I want Face2Face tuition!

We have a dance school based in the Northwest of the UK

  • Pro Dance Services Couple Dance School Blackpool/ Cumbria

To learn more please click on the picture below to go to our school website.