Salsa & Latino

Salsa is not all about steps!

It’s the knowledge and understanding of correct alignment, posture, joints: structure and range of movement in relation to your partner and your own body in action.

It’s about the fitness components of strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and agility. It’s the technical skills specific to this particular style of dance as well as Your performance skills, musicality, emphasis, timing, phrasing.

It’s about how to communicate and interpret figures safely when performing with a partner and amongst others: awareness, sensitivity, contact, use of space, and safe practice

our team hope you learn all this from their classes and much more……..


Join Brian on a Tuesday evening 7.30-9pm

All levels welcome

Private lessons

Why take a private dance course?

  • Firstly you get 100% of your instructors attention during the session there no one else to teach.
  • You can work on what will help you not the majority of the class.
  • You can progress at the speed you wish to.
  • You are able to own your own learning choosing when and what you want to learn.
  • You can share your lesson with your partner or have a lesson by yourself.



  • UKA Licentiate Club Dance Salsa 2019
  • IDTA Fellow Latin American 2009
  • UKA Fellow Latin American 2005


UKA Associate Club Dance Salsa Teacher 2019


Associate ISTD Latin American Teacher,

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10 hours £315 booked at a time that is suitable for you and your instructor, and studio availability

1 hours £35 booked at a time that is suitable for you and your instructor, and studio availability


Please note All private lessons must be paid in advance if you book a private lesson then you will still be charged unless you give 24 hours notice of cancellation as instructor will still have to pay rent on premises .