Private Lessons

Why we offer private lessons?

And why students should take advantage of them?

A private lesson in addition to being an opportunity to have our expert’s full attention, is also an opportunity for you to “own” your own training, to step up and start to take responsibility for progress.
It doesn’t matter what level of dancer you are – a first time beginner or a competitive dancer – direct one-on-one input from a professional instructor can’t be beat.
You may want
  • A  head start to feel comfortable before you go to group class
  • Learn a dance that is not currently being offered in group classes.
  • Maybe you want to get ready for a wedding or other special event
  • You want to compete or perform
  • or just want to catch up when you missed a few classes.
Think about it!
  • You have the undivided attention of the instructor
  • You can learn things right the first time
  • You can nip bad dance habits in the bud
  • You can “feel” what it should be like when you dance with your teacher
  • You can learn a dance that may not be currently offered in group classes
  • You can use the lessons to get ready for a special event
  • You can work at your own pace, instead of the pace of a group class
  • You can work on the dances or techniques YOU want
  • Your learning curve is accelerated.
What to expect -depending on style and moves you are doing

1) A warm up – Dance is a form of exercise to therefore we will start your lesson with a 5-10 minute warm up

2) Both solo and partner work
3) Technical explanation
4) Cool down – It is important to cool down by stretching for 5-10 minutes at the end of your session

Your instructor

Janet Lee Chapman – available 7 days a week – Call to book the return here to pay 07940088776 

Janet is a Fellow & Examiner for the UKA and Fellow of the IDTA

Jan is available for Beginners / intermediate/ Advanced Private lessons in

  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Modern Sequence
  • Classical Sequence
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll/Swing/Lindy Hop
  • Argentine Tango
  • Pilates

Jan is a British Dance Council Championship Adjudicator and Coach in

  • Ballroom
  • Latin American
  • Freestyle
  • Street

 Choose a session

  • Monday       12.30 –   1.30pm
  • Monday         1.30 –   2.30pm – Booked
  • Monday         9.00 – 10.00pm
  • Monday         6.00 –  7.00pm – Booked
  • Tuesday        9.00 -10.00pm – Booked
  • Wednesday   9.00 -10.00pm –
  • Thursday     12.30 –  1.30pm –
  • Thursday       9.00 – 10.00pm –
  • Friday            1.30 –  2.30pm –
  • Friday            9.00 – 10.00pm –
  • Saturday        5.00 –  6.00pm –
  • Sunday          9.30 – 10.30am –  Booked
  • Sunday         10.30 – 11.30am – Booked
  • Sunday         11.30 – 12.30am –
  • Sunday         12.30 –  1.00pm –

Test Jan on 07940088776 to make sure the session is still available

 Pay for your session here

Private lesson choices