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Specialising in Quality Dance Teaching for

      Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, Argentine Tango, Jive, Zumba, Pilates and more…….

Janet Lee Chapman is celebrating 28 years of teaching the northwest to dance.

Today she’s Founder and Director of
JLC Dance International Ltd and JLC Dance Ltd
JLC Dance Ltd is a fun dance school based in Blackpool
offering dance & fitness classes and events for all ages.
A place the whole family will love.



JLC Meeting the Stars

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Janet came runner up in the

 Dance Today Dance Teacher 
of the Year 2017 Awards



The older we get the more beautiful we grow

Following our amazing fund raising drive to make our studio more disabled friendly we are opening our butterflies initiative.

Sorry until work is finished we are not wheelchair friendly


Caterpillar Sessions – Our Jack and Jill’s playroom will be running caterpillar sessions for all pre-school children but focusing on Children with disabilities.

  • Jack and Jill playtime for Mums and Toddlers Tuesday 9.30 – 10.30 am cost £2.50
  • Jack and Jill playtime for Mums and Toddlers Thursday 1.30 – 2.30 pm cost £2.50

Chrysalis Sessions – Janet will be running classes to make all disability aware. They will be able to take awards for taking part in charity events and take awards on disability awareness.

  • Family General Standard, & Latin Class Thursday 4.00-5.00 pm  SKY Badge – Disability Certificate course available for under 11 year olds
  • Deaf Advice Course – Are you a dance teacher who gets deaf or hard of hearing students?
    Do you really understand what they hear or not hear?
    Do you understand the difference between hearing aids and Barhas?
    Could you be playing music at a level that could damage your hearing or your pupils?

Golden Butterflies – JLC Dance will be running classes for older children and for adults open to all but focusing on disability providing the chance to dance in a secure space.

  • Children’s 4-6yrs Ballet Saturday 11.30 am
  • Children’s 6-16yrs Ballet Saturday 12.00 pm
  • Children’s 6-16yrs Ballroom Saturday 1.00 pm
  • Children’s 6-16yrs Lyrical Saturday 2.00 pm
  • Adult Seated Exercise to Latin music Tuesday 10.45-11.30 am 

Blue Butterflies – because dance is great for mental health we support the Blue Light Charity.

  • Adult General Standard & Latin for 999 workers Wednesday 1.30 -2.30 pm cost £2.50

Silver Butterflies – JLC Dance will be running sessions are for all dancers but focus on dementia aiming to provide a great space for dementia sufferers to come and dance with out feeling insecure.

  •  Silver Tea Dance every Thursday 2.30-4.00 pm and cost £2.50


Thought these classes are provided for children and adults with with disabilities and price is subsidised. We do not exclude anyone from any class so please just come along


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Children’s classes & activities at JLC


Children’s General Standard & Latin Working on UKA & IDTA examination syllabus £5
4.30-5.00pm 1/2 hour add on to main class for those working on silver or above with Miss Jan (no extra charge if attending following class)
5.00 – 6.00pm Children’s Ballroom for those working on intro and above with Miss Jan & Miss Bev


Jack and Jill playtime for Mums and Toddlers £2.50 per toddler Come meet other mums have a coffee/tea (50p)
10.30-11.30 am This is a parent lead session with music, painting and sensory play with Jan
10.15-10.45 am Parents  Zumba with Jan
Children’s Classical & modern Sequence Working on IDTA & UKA medallist £5
4.30 -6.00pm Classical & Modern Sequence  with Jan


Children’s  Melody Movement £2.50 
10.30 – 11.00 am     18 month on wards  Little Bear Feet with Miss Jan
Latin In Line for parents (Play area for kids) £2.50 
12.45 -1.30pm ( No Partners needed) Beginners level with Jan
Children’s General Standard & Latin Working on IDTA & UKA medallist competition syllabus  £5
4.30 – 6.00pm Technique and Drills & Medallist Competition Practice with Jan


Jack and Jill playtime for Mums and Toddlers £2.50 per toddler. Come meet other mums have a coffee/tea (50p)

1.30- 2.30 pm with Jan  This is a parent lead session with music, painting and sensory play
1.30 – 2.00 pm     18 month on wards  Little Bear Feet with Miss Jan
2.00- 2.30 pm      Parents Latin Line with Jan
Children’s Ballet / Lyrial £2.50
4.00-4.30pm 1/2 hour First Ballet & Foundation class for 4-6 yrs with Miss Jan (no grades)
Children’s Ballet  £5
5.00- 5.45pm Freestyle Ballet class for 6 yrs plus with Miss Jan (no grades)


Diddikicks Junior Football Club 
9.00-1pm Award winning football coaching classes for 18 months-5 years with venues across the North of England

See here for time table

Children’s  Melody Movement £2.50
9.30-10.00am   2-4yrs Melody Movement  with Miss Jan
10.30-11.00am 4-6yrs Melody Movement First Ballet with Miss Jan
11.00-11.30am 5-7yrs Melody Movement Foundation Ballet with Miss Jan
12.00-12.45pm Over 6yrs Junior Ballet with Miss Jan £5
Children’s General Standard & Latin Working on UKA medallist competition syllabus £5
1.00 – 2.00pm Children’s Ballroom for those wishing to do UKA medallist competitions with Miss jan
Children’s Lyrical  £5
2.00 – 3.00pm Children’s Lyrical Dance with Miss Bev & Miss Jan

Please go to our class page for more info and to book