Crowd funding for our disabled toilets

Weʼre raising £2,000 to Put in Disable Toilets and a ramp to our Dance Studio and help us start a sensory cafe.

As a Dance School we like to be part of the community we live in (Blackpool and the Fyld)
We already run a Silver Dancers club focusing on dementia and a Golden club for children who are deaf but we would like to do more and currently though we have down stairs toilets they are not wheelchair friendly our goal is to sort this out so we can run wheelchair dance sessions and seated exercise groups and we would also like to start a sensory cafe. 
Please help with a small donation and if you would like to get involved in a bigger way we are look for people to help run fundraising events and join our Bronze display team. 

We need £2,000 and have been offered funding of £1,000 if we raise £1,000 and we have already raised £306 towards our target please help this will benefit our community greatly.
To get more involved please ring 01253 693350 and ask for Janet or Beverley