Children’s classes & activities at JLC


Children’s General Standard & Latin Working on UKA & IDTA examination syllabus £5
4.30-5.00pm 1/2 hour add on to main class for those working on silver or above with Miss Jan (no extra charge if attending following class)
5.00 – 6.00pm Children’s Ballroom for those working on intro and above with Miss Jan & Miss Bev


Jack and Jill playtime for Mums and Toddlers £2.50 per toddler Come meet other mums have a coffee/tea (50p)
10.00-11.00am with Jan This is a parent lead session with music, painting and sensory play
Children’s Classical & modern Sequence Working on IDTA & UKA medallist £5
4.30 -6.00pm Classical & Modern Sequence  with Jan


Children’s General Standard & Latin Working on IDTA & UKA medallist competition syllabus  £5
4.30 – 6.00pm Technique and Drills & Medallist Competition Practice with Jan


Jack and Jill playtime for Mums and Toddlers £2.50
1.30-2.30pm with Jan £2.50 per session per toddler come meet other mums have a coffee/tea (50p)
This is a parent lead session with music, painting and sensory play
Children’s Ballet / Lyrial £2.50
4.00-4.30pm 1/2 hour First Ballet & Foundation class for 4-6 yrs with Miss Jan (no grades)
Children’s Ballet  £5
5.00- 6.00pm Freestyle Ballet class for 6 yrs plus with Miss Jan (no grades)


Diddikicks Junior Football Club 
9.00-1pm Award winning football coaching classes for 18 months-5 years with venues across the North of England

See here for time table

Children’s  Melody Movement £2.50
9.00-9.30am     18month -2 yrs Little Bear Feet with Miss Jan
9.30-10.00am   2-4yrs Melody Movement  with Miss Jan
10.30-11.00am 4-6yrs Melody Movement First Ballet with Miss Jan
11.00-11.30am 5-7yrs Melody Movement Foundation Ballet with Miss Jan
12.00-12.45pm Over 6yrs Junior Ballet with Miss Jan £5
Children’s General Standard & Latin Working on UKA medallist competition syllabus £5
4.00 – 2.00pm Children’s Ballroom for those wishing to do UKA medallist competitions with Miss jan
Children’s Lyrical  £5
2.00 – 3.00pm Children’s Lyrical Dance with Miss Bev & Miss Jan

Please go to our class page for more info and to book

Jan’s JLC Danceathon (I must be crazy)

Jan will be doing a Danceathon on 19th November 2017 she is planing to dance for 24 hours to raise money for our Silver Dancers Club (focusing on Dementia) and for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Calling all Ballroom dancers and dance teachers who are in Blackpool for Strictly or the National Championships in November! and JLC dancers
I am looking for peps who are willing to dance with me (partner me) to raise money for dementia you only need to dance one dance or can choose to dance for a whole hour with me, I’m doing a 24 hour Danceathon so need at least 24 peps

So come on peps put your name and your best foot forward

How you can help?

  1. text Jan I want to partner you in the Danceathon to 07940088776
  2. text Jan I want to help in the Dancethon (we need lots of behind the scenes help)
  3. Visit her events page on Facebook and share
  4. or donate to her crowdfunding page

Open Day 2017

We had a great day and made over £280 taking our total up to £763.30

Thank you to all who helped, donated and came we love you all

Weʼre raising £2,000 to Put in Disable Toilets and a ramp to our Dance Studio and help us start a sensory cafe.


Fund Raising Day

Hosted by Jlc Dance Ltd

Raising money to put disabled toilets in our studio and a ramp so more people can enjoy our facilities.

As a Dance School we like to be part of the community we live in (Blackpool and the Fylde)
We already run a Silver Dancers club focusing on dementia and a Golden club for children who are deaf but we would like to do more and currently though we have down stairs toilets they are not wheelchair friendly our goal is to sort this out so we can run wheelchair dance sessions and seated exercise groups and we would also like to start a sensory cafe.
Please help with a small donation and if you would like to get involved in a bigger way we are look for people to help run fundraising events and join our Bronze display team.

We need £2,000 and have been offered funding of £1,000 if we raise £1,000 and we have already raised £300 towards our target please help this will benefit our community greatly.
To get more involved please ring 01253 693350 and ask for Janet or Beverley

Taster classes on the day aprox 45 mins
in Studio 1 with Jan we have
Ballroom class at 1pm
Lindy hop class at 2pm
Argentine Tango class at 3pm

There will also be a

  • Bric a brac stall
  • Cake stall
  • Indian Snacks
  • Childrens play area
  • Tombola
  • Raffell

if you wish to run your own table we are charging £5 a table