Special Private workshops in Standard Ballroom

Special workshops available with our principal Janet

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Standard Ballroom

The 4 Ballroom Walks – Learn about the 4 styles of Walk in Ballroom £30 per 3/4 of an hour

Understand CBM and CBMP– Learn about about body movement in Ballroom £30 per 3/4 of an hour .

To Sway or not to Sway – Understand when and were to sway in Ballroom £30 per 3/4 of an hour .

Floor Craft – How to travel around the floor with correct alignment in the Ballroom £30 per 3/4 of an hour .

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All above Workshops plus more are available at a cost of £80 per hour for group workshops if within 30 miles of Blackpool (further add 50p per mile once outside of 30 miles , if more than 4 hours travel is needed then please ask for date rates including overnight stays learn@jlcdance.co.uk)

Email to book times and dates then return her to pay