Make your studio Deaf Friendly

Hi I’m Janet

I am deaf having lost my hearing as a young adult and these days I wears two BAHA’s to help me hear………………… With them in I can hear normally and I am also a very good lip reader, so there is no need to shout or talk with over emphasised facial expressions…………. If you have any disability I will be there to help just ask. Dance is for all.

Did you know there are 11 million people in the UK who are deaf or hard of hearing. And did you know there are 151,000 BSL users in the UK.

From a community point of view are you engaging these people and from a business point of view are you missing out on business.

It’s estimated that number of Deaf signers who use BSL as their first language range from 30,000 to 70,000 and It is a language that is completely unrelated to English. Can you communicate with your community as a whole.

I don’t teach sign but I will help you find courses and give you a few basic tips to help communicate.

Here is a few questions

  • Do you teach people who are deaf or hard of hearing?
  • Is your studio Deaf friendly
  • Is your website Deaf friendly?

Book me to visit your studio and chat with your staff about teaching deaf students, 11 million people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing so you could be losing business by not engaging these people.


  • British Sign Language Level 1 & 2– 2019
  • British Sign Language Level 3 – working towards
  • English as a second language level 3
  • Profoundly deaf for 23 years
  • Fellow and examiner UKA
  • Fellow IDTA
  • 30 years running a Dance Studio

Over the years I been asked

How can I dance if I’m deaf? – firstly you don’t dance with just your ears you dance with your whole body.

How do you keep balance if your deaf? It depends on your type of deafness but most deaf people I have meet have not had balance issues etc not understanding how to balance which is equally relevant to the hearing community.

Can you feel the rhythm? Well yes and maybe a little more than a hearing person but then I can also feel the rhythm of the other dances or car going past etc an advantage I think not.

You have a clear speaking voice for someone who’s deaf? Well yes firstly I didn’t lose my hearing until I was an adult and secondly you don’t loose how to talk just because your deaf.

if you think your school could benefit from my help

Email to book times and dates then return her to pay