General Information

We understand how worrying the current situation is so we wanted to let you know what we are currently doing re COVID-19.

We feel we have a responsibility to pro-actively help slow the spread of this virus. The main emphasis is on infection control measures just now……….. We will not be running any dance, fitness classes, or group walks for the next few months.

Alternatives to group dance and fitness classes

If you would prefer a private rather than a group class, text Janet on 07940088776 or visit our PRIVATE LESSON PAGE or if you would prefer no contact with anyone, Janet can offer Skype or WhatsApp lessons. Janet is also in the process of creating a portfolio of online training classes which will be ready shortly.

Relevant information

Please keep abreast of developments we will do our best to update this information as required. At present our standard cancellations policy will apply, however everyone’s well-being has to be paramount so we will assess any cancellations should they occur. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Janet here, In the event of the virus having a greater impact through the UK Stay safe everybody.