Certificate 1 Argentina

Dancing Around The World

How to join in – This is a project based page to get everyone dancing and learning about the world.

Each project can take a week – a month to do depending on how much time you have.

Its purely participation no exams just for fun but you will receive a certificate to say you have joined in the fun if you email us with the answers to the questions each week.

Certificate 1- is all about Argentina

Did you know!

A Gaucho is a cattle-man of the plains of Argentina

Approx 43.9 million people live in Argentina

The Andes are a huge mountain range, the longest in the world

Things for you to do

  1. Colouring crayons out can you draw 1 or all 3
    • The countries flag?
    • A Gauncho
    • You dancing in this countries national dress
  2. Can you name a dance from this country?
  3. Can you tell us were this countries is in the world?
  4. Do you know the name of the capital city?
  5. Watch out for our video on here and learn the steps.
  6. If its not possible to dance still watch and answer the question below.
    • How many teddies can you see in the video (remember to watch till the end)

Ready to send us your answers

We send you a certificate of participation to down load and print off.