Come on travel the world with me and my bear

Waltz, Salsa, Flamenco, Samba, Tango, and Jive gosh there are so many styles of dance that have won my heart and many of my friends worldwide. Dancing is an integral part of many cultures around the world and has been so for centuries.

Worldwide, dance forms have developed over centuries crossing regional boundaries and infusing with others. Some staying localised while others have gained admirers globally.

Ballroom and Latin Dancing encompasses dancers from across the globe

  • Germany – Waltz
  • Polish- Mazurka
  • Cuban – Cha cha, Rumba, Mambo and Salsa
  • American – Jive, Quickstep, Charleston and Slow Foxtrot
  • Spanish – Paso Doble
  • Argentinian – Tango
  • Brazilian – Samba,
  • French – Gavott and Quadrille
  • Czech Republic – Schottische
  • English – Saunter
  • Hungarian  – Galop

JLC World Dance Club

Monday 4.15 – 6.00 pm 5 -16 years all levels run in conjunction with the Children’s University and the UKA. In this session children get the chance to learn dancers from all over the world.
  • Where they come from
  • The culture of the people who live there.
  • What language they speak etc
Ever 24 weeks the children have the chance to take awards assessed externally by the UKA
  • For our littler ones we have Uni -Ted (under 9 yrs) He likes to travel ask questions and has lot of friends all over the world. Children can take Uni-Ted awards and collect his badgers
  • For the 8 years and over we have Round the World Dance Awards to collect were children are assessed on dance and are asked to do a small written project on the country the dance comes from.

This Summer 2019

  1. Our world dance club is going out of this world
    To celebrate 50 years since the moon landing and to get their Bronze certificate from Sky badger in disability awareness our World Dance Club is creating their own Luna Dance Studio plus dances that are all fully inclusive and we are learning a sign song to welcome deaf pupils to our school.
  2. Our world dance club are learning all about Tango, Standard Tango, Argentine Tango and Classical Sequence Tango. We are also learning were Argentina is and what the national dress is of Argentina.

Send Uni a post card

He loves collecting post cards to so if your going somewhere this summer why not send uni a post card
Mr Uni Ted
Spen House
1-2 Spen Business Park
Ashworth Road
Blackpool FY4 5LP

March 2019

Beginner classes are growing and it’s lovely to see so many new faces and some old one returning.
Monday night Strictly performance classes is looking great and were getting ready for our show in June
It’s wonderful to see all the children’s classes but it great to see 8 children learning Classical Sequence. ( Old Time).
Great class of 14 for our 5 week Street workshop at St Teresa’s primary school the children are amazing and working so hard

And we have just got a booking for Strictly Workshops 25 in total for a show at the tower next October.

We have just had confirmation of a group of children from China joining us in July for a 5 day Latin workshop.
Plus we have booked our exams for the 5th May
60 booked so far plus
  • two student Ballroom
  • two Associate Classical Awards
  • one Licentiate Salsa.
for end of May
It’s brill to see two local celebrity’s back at our classes Vanessa Ramsden who you may all know from local social radio and Roy Walker (comedian)
and finally Cheryl’s Ladies Boxing For Fitness is nice and busy Tuesday nights ask for details if you fancy something a little different.
Friday’s I’ve been at the Sheraton hotel for their staff class and on the 18th she will be starting their Strictly Dance Week
Birthday Cyril (Many of you know Cyril (Janet’s Dad who’s worked at JLC for 30 years, but did you know he has been dancing and teaching for 70 years this year and still runs a class and a Tea dance every week in Southport)
Happy dancing Janet xx

June Newsletter

Newsletter J18 ——————-JLC Dance Ltd

Last Saturdays UKA Medal tests lead to collectively the highest marks JLC has known in 30 years.
Having sat and read through all the comments Ms Denise Green made on our UKA exam reports last Saturday. They are all lovely and very helpful. As a school I (Jan) am so proud that this year despite all the upset of having to move the exams the school collectively received the highest marks we have ever achieved in 30 years. (68 H/C and above).
Every single person not only passed but got Highly Commended which is such an achievement, ( not a pass plus or commended in sight). I am so proud of you all. But remember in the long run its not the marks that’s important it the fun and enjoyment we all get at class and the meeting of new friends and old.
Well done all but special congratulations goes to Christine for her tango (Honours) and to Alison Harrison who really impressed and got Honours overall and a distinction in Jive.
Next Exams in November – lets start practicing

Chairman of Adjudicators

Janet had a brilliant day at Prestwich on the 17th June, as Chairman of Adjudicators for the IDTA Freestyle & Rock n Roll North West Qualifier. ” It was lovey to be back on the circuit after a years break and great to see so many youngest dancing so well).

JLC Teacher Training Awards

This years pupils who are all training to become dance teachers sat their JLC level one (working towards UKA Student teachers). We had 100% pass in all three subjects Ballroom, Latin and Classical Sequence.

Well done to you all XXX Jan & Emma

Teacher training class is run on a Friday evening 6-7pm

Subjects Latin, Salsa, Ballroom, and Classical

Our Blue Light

Janet and Emma are delighted to be once again asked to be involved in the charity Our Blue Light “Dance Your Blues Away” Competitions, were emergency and essential service employees compete in an exciting dance competition to raise awareness for mental health issues within their service.. This year again Janet will be judging and Emma will be joining her on the panel. Rehearsals have already started for an amazing demonstration from own Emma Gill and Graham Vernon to tell the story of Blue Light, so all in all November should be amazing.

If you work in this sector why not ask about competing.

New Theory Classes not to be missed


The tiniest change in foot placement and leg technique can go such a long way . So this month we are starting our Friday night technique classes, its a double session

  • – Session one is Ballroom 7-8pm Friday
  • – Session two Latin 8-9pm Friday
  • £5 per session your welcome to come to one or both.
  • Improve your technique working on individual movement not long routines.

UKA Congress
Janet and Emma have a brilliant and very productive 116th UKA Dance Annual Teacher’s Conference at Winter Gardens in Blackpool.
It was brilliant to see fellow teachers and catch up with them, and to meet up and spend time with Keith Morris and Carol Allen and to share this event with some of our student teachers.
It was productive because we were so inspired by all the lectures put on and by the chance to sit the Swing Dance Course and both qualify as Swing Dance Instructors.


Janet is running a new Swing Course Tuesdays 8-9pm cost £5

Dancing with Dementia

This month Janet and some of our pupils went to dance with dementia at the Winter Gardens it was a pleasure to dance with the visitors and to provide some of the entertainment. Thank you to those from the school who helped out.

Also this month I received my copy of “The Unlikely Dancer” by Hazel Rae Minnick, It an hour to have a 3 1/2 page write up in Hazels book on our work with Dementia Thank you Hazel. I Hope your book raises awareness  of Alzheimer’s and encourages more who suffer to start dancing “Dancing is for all”.

Dance is not all about steps! 


It’s the knowledge and understanding of correct alignment, posture, joints: structure and range of movement in relation to the dancer and the body in action.
It’s about the fitness components of strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility and how to develop these through training principles.
It’s the technical skills specific to a particular style/genre of dance being studied.
The performance skills of focus, musicality, emphasis, timing, phrasing.

It’s about how to communicate and interpret the dance idea through, projection, characterisation and focus about performing with others: awareness, sensitivity, contact, use of space, timing and safe practice and our team hope you learn all this from their classes and much more……..but it is not always possible to fit it all in class or tailor the class to everyone’s needs so why not book a course of 1 to 1 lessons with Janet or Emma we charge £35 per hour or £315 when you book 10 in one go, as one of us is available 7 days a week we can fit these lessons around your availability.

Strictly Come JLC

This year in hour of 30 years of JLC Dance we would like to bring back our “Strictly Come JLC” competition so we are looking for couples who wish to take part, if you have someone you like to dance with and fancy trying our fun then competition then have a chat to JAN who will be organising it this year. There will be categories for Adults and Children.


Our new children’s Commercial Street Class has just started this month on a Thursday at 5pm come along if your between 5-16 and want to join our Group “Car Wash “.

Uniform  can be obtained from JLC