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    Class behaviour

    Twenty basics way to behave in class: Come prepared. This includes the appropriate dress, shoes, and grooming for participating in your class. Leave dangling or sharp-edged jewelry at home or in your bag. Leave food and drinks (except a closed water bottle) out of the dance space. Don’t chew gum in the dance space. It’s rude to those around you and actually unsafe for to do while you’re dancing. Never wear dance shoes outside the studio or wear street shoes that are unclean or wet inside the studio. Before stepping onto the dance floor with check your shoes for safety laces etc. Come to class showered and with brushed teeth or freshened…

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    Historical Dancers

    As long as we’re have been on this earth we have been dancing. Sadly very little very little evidence survives about these early dance though we can get a glimpse of medieval dance from paintings and works of literature from this time period. The earliest surviving dance manuals describing dance come from the Renaissance period, but the era we no most about starts with the French court during the 17th century, this style known as baroque dance” Gavotte Minuet The dancers of the 18th century are split in to those of the regency era and those of the Victorian and include double and triple rhythm Regency Period Scotch reels Quadrillions…

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