Adult Timetable

Private Lessons
Why students should take advantage of them?
A private lesson in addition to being an opportunity to have our expert’s full attention, is also an opportunity for you to “own” your own training, to step up and start to take responsibility for progress.
It doesn’t matter what level of dancer you are – a first time beginner or a competitive dancer – direct one-on-one input from a professional instructor can’t be beat.
You may want
  • A head start to feel comfortable before you go to group class
  • Learn a dance that is not currently being offered in group classes.
  • Maybe you want to get ready for a wedding or other special event
  • You want to compete or perform
  • or just want to catch up when you missed a few classes.
Think about it!
  • You have the undivided attention of the instructor
  • You can learn things right the first time
  • You can nip bad dance habits in the bud
  • You can “feel” what it should be like when you dance with your teacher
  • You can learn a dance that may not be currently offered in group classes
  • You can use the lessons to get ready for a special event
  • You can work at your own pace, instead of the pace of a group class
  • You can work on the dances or techniques YOU want
  • Your learning curve is accelerated.

What to expect – depending on style and moves you are doing

  1.  A warm up – Dance is a form of exercise to therefore we will start your lesson with a 5-10 minute warm up
  2.  Both solo and partner work
  3. Technical explanation
  4. Cool down – It is important to cool down by stretching for 5-10 minutes at the end of your session

Our coaches Janet Lee Chapman and Emma Gill are very experienced in teaching all levels from beginners to competition and are available at our Blackpool based studio.

 To book call  07940088776 or email
Once booked return here to pay for your lesson

Private lesson choices

Adult Classes

Please Note These class will be taken by

  • School Principal Janet Lee Chapman
  • Academy Principal Emma Gill

They  from time to time will be assisted by student teachers.

Please direct any School question you have to Janet or Emma only and not one of their assistant as this ensures clarity.
Pay for your JLC Classes at bottom of page


!New Join our Sign Choir ! 

Meets every Monday 5.30-6.00pm Subs £1 (not on membership)
You don’t not need to be able to sing and we will teach you to sign

(This session is run by JLC Dance Inclusive Ltd)


Ballroom & Latin Social Classes

A class for every level

£5 per class
Why not stay for more than one? 2 Classes £10
7.00 pm Beginners class
8.00 pm Intermediate class
9.00 pm Advanced class


Ballroom, Latin & Sequence Class

 £3.50 (pay at door only) NOT AT JLC (not on membership)
10.00-11.00 am  Standard, Latin & Sequence Beginners
at Ainsdale Methodist Church, South Southport
(This session is run by JLC Dance Inclusive Ltd)


Ballroom & Latin Classes

A class for every level

£5 per class
Why not stay for more than one? 2 Classes £10
1.30 pm  Standard & Latin Advanced
2.15 pm  Standard & Latin Intermediate

3.00 pm Standard & Latin Beginners


Vintage Classes

A class for Beginners

£5 per class
Why not stay for more than one? 2 Classes £10
5.00 – 6.00pm  Vintage Line Dance  and Swing
6.00- 7.00pm Vintage dancers (Waltz, Tango, Social Foxtrot etc)


Ballroom & Latin Award Classes

A class for every level

£5 per class
Why not stay for more than one? 2 Classes £10
6.00 pm  Intermediate class (Bronze-Gold)
7.00 pm  Advance Class (above Gold)
8.00 pm Beginners Class


Ballroom, Latin & Sequence Tea Dance

1st Thursday in the month
 £3.50 (Tea or Coffee 50p)
(pay at door this activity is £2 for those on JLC membership)
1.00-3.00 pm come join us for an afternoon of dancing
(This session is run by JLC Dance Inclusive Ltd)


Sequence Night

something for every one

£5 per class £8 for both 
6.00 pm Classical  Sequence
7.00 pm Modern  Sequence


We have the opportunity for you to train to teach

Teacher Training Academy @ JLC 

This Academy is run by JLC Dance Principal Janet Lee Chapman F& EUKA  FIDTA
Ideal for those who wish to compete

Theory and Practical Private lessons for those who want to become dance teachers (must book) £35 per hour

Teacher Training Academy Portfolio Class (must book) £6 per class
6.00 pm Theory and Practical Class for
Your welcome to stay for the beginners Theory class to help with Practical training

Technique Class 
£5 per class
Why not stay for both? 2 Classes £10
Note these are pure technique classes no routines will be taught
7.00 pm  Standard Ballroom
8.00 pm Latin American


Example Dancesport  Academy @JLC

Ballroom & Latin

Adult General Standard & Latin £5
(class is on JLC membership)
3.00 pm Standard and Latin Beginners for performance


Example Dancesport Academy @JLC

Dancesport Private lessons 9.30 am – onward
This Academy is run by Example Academy Principal Emma Gill
Ideal for those who wish to compete

Pay for your Adult JLC Dance Class here
No need to book just pay for your class here then show on arrival

Choose Class

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Janet  did an excellent job with us – and we achieved what we set out to do. Will be looking to do more now, improve and be back when we can.
Ken  – Bristol


The JLC Dance Experience

Learn to dance at JLC Spen House Studios and then
dance at The Tower Ballroom
JLC Dance Spen House

Start the day off at Spen House in our fabulous dance studio.

You will meet your instructor for the day and be able to sit and have a coffee in our green room and a chat about how you want your day to go.
And what you will learn Ballroom, Latin or Sequence
Then into our beautiful studio were you will be following in the foot steps of some of the stars of “Strictly”you will be treated to two 50 minute sessions of dance  with a 10 minute break in the middle
The Blackpool Tower Ballroom
A lovely place to meet
It’s time for a Social Dance
The rest of the day is yours to enjoy the music, watch the dancing and put into practice what you have learnt and enjoy afternoon tea, we will stay with you for the first hour.
Please Note – JLC Dance does not instruct in the Tower Ballroom Blackpool
This part of the day is purely a social time and we are all guest of the Tower Ballroom this time is not a teaching session it is for you to dance and practice what you learn earlier in the day.
If you wish to hire the Ballroom Privately you need to contact The Blackpool Tower.
What to book
The Ballroom Experience –
Choose the package you want
Package  is for  2/3 or 4 people and you can choose to have one or two instructors.

Morning coffee at the JLC Dance studios to get you in the mood

A two 50 minute dance sessions –  you can choose what you learn or be guided by your instructor.

An hour in the Tower Ballroom  dancing to the fabulous Wurlitzer or Roland Organs with your instructor watching on or dancing with you

Afternoon Tea in the Ballroom, watch the dancers and put into practice what you have learnt in the studio.

Includes entrance to The Tower Ballroom

Please check the tower is open on your chosen day
Then book by emailing
Once booking has been confirmed return here to secure your booking. please note once booked Tower Tickets will be bought and are none refundable

How to pay


Please note once booked a charge to cancel is made