Dance Your Blues away

Janet is thrilled to help coach some of the couples and have been asked to be the Head Judge yes the Len Goodman of our event and no I won’t be “pickling any walnuts”!
She was approached earlier this year to help at this event an as my first job was a nurse in the mental health sector how could I say no, over the past few months I have meet a number of dancers and have coached 4 couples for this great charity.
She’s had great fun teaching a number of dancers and choosing the music, steps and story we have been creating the couples are all lovely and very dedicated to both the dancers and the cause. The dancers have given up many hours to rehearse and practice over the months and we all looking forward to the competition.
There are a lot of thing she wanted to put in the blog but at the moment they have to remain secret but once the competition has started she will tell you more about our journey
Below is a bit about the charity and how it started  have a read and maybe get a tickets and come and support us over the weekend.

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